Launched February 23rd, 2012 for The Grape Growers of Ontario, Grape Tracker is a web based vineyard and spray record keeping system.

Grape Tracker is a spray record keeping system intended for the sole purpose of assisting growers in the recording of spray applications for their own crop management purposes.  By entering spray and other event data into the system, growers can track chemical usage, pre-harvest intervals, re-entry intervals, and generate reports on their vineyards and blocks.

Product information provided in Grape Tracker is for reference only and is not intended to provide recommendations with respect to choice of pesticide, timing of sprays, usage, re-entry time, pre-harvest intervals or other management decisions.

Consult the latest product label before using a pesticide!

It is the responsibility of the grower to choose the most appropriate product, formulation and application method for each situation. For more information consult OMAFRA’s Publication 360: Fruit Production Recommendations, or a qualified viticulture consultant.


Grape Growers of Ontario